NEW Vegan Hair Color & Treatment Available at Kantik Room

number three

All Vegan, Halal, Organic and Natural.

The NEW Japanese hair brand Number Three, is exclusively available at Kantik Room, by Leekaja Beauty Salon. 

Number Three hair products are certified Vegan, Halal, COSMOS Organic and Natural. 

Recommended By Over 200 Top Media & Magazines In Japan. 

Why Choose Number Three?

Number Three is a well-being brand, designed for all types of Asian hair.  

Number Three hair treatment, Trisyscore, is premium and customizable, according to each customer’s damage and hair quality.  

Number Three colors are infused with pure color pigments and treatment bases. It is also a time-saving color and provides vivid color results, even on low chromatic hair.  

They are categorised into 3 color ranges for different demands of customers: HUE, Color Conscious and Recroma.  

Color Conscious

colour conscious

Color Conscious is a new alkaline formula, uniquely formulated to adjust to generational needs, hair quality, and texture.

A deep-transparent brown is born by the new blending ratio of 3 kinds of alkaline agents. Compared to the conventional color fading, Color Conscious colors fade without leaving a brassy tone to the hair.

Greatly cuts unpleasant odors with the help of green tea, rose and jasmine. 



Recroma is created for deep coloring, it gives a bright, deep, yet pure color result. 

Its L-LC cation base is developed for effective coloring and complete damage treatment. Rich treatment ingredients repair hair from previous damage for a smooth texture and lustrous hair color. 

Saturated coloring is possible without the use of direct dyes and the formula does not contain a brownish base. Recroma's base cream penetrates deep into the center of the hair, expressing vivid colors with depths even on low chromatic hair. 



HUE is designed to offer salon customers a professional hair color that reflects individuality and timeliness. 

HUE is formulated with organic and botanical ingredients. Color can penetrate into hair even with low viscosity, achieving high dyeability in just 15 to 20 minutes. 

Suitable for cilents that demand for organic base color.

HUE’s Well-being Standard:
-  Animal-derived ingredients free
-  Para-phenylenediamine free
-  Ammonia free
-  Silicon free
-  Paraben free
-  Fragrance free
-  Cruelty free
-  Genetically modified organism free
-  Nanomaterial free


hue gloss

HUE Gloss is considered as a color treatment that can be used to refresh fading color. 

The formula is infused with botanical essence that inhibits hair damage and promotes intrinsic shine of hair. When combined with HUE Gloss OX2T, it becomes a gel-type consistency, which will enhance color with a glossier result. 

The Best Vegan Hair Treatment You Can Find, Trisyscore.


Trisyscore is a customizable premium treatment created by hair designers, for every customer. 

Trisyscore believes that if there are 100 customers, there are 100 different treatments as damage levels and hair problems vary from customer to customer. 

Three types of PPT are available for the first step of Trisyscore. Blending is possible by changing the amount and ratio of each PPT to suit any style, such as firmness, elasticity, fit and volume, according to each customer’s damage and hair quality. 

Hair Transformations

Try out our Vegan & Halal certified hair services now, only at Kantik Room by Leekaja Beauty Salon!

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