Our Hair Treatment Services

Korean Cream Bath

This hair treatment is quick, fuss-free and achieves smooth and light hair in a short period of time.
Step 1: Apply oil keratin cream which contains protein on hair to strengthen it.
Step 2: Apply aqua keratin to moisturize and soften hair.


Tokio Treatment

Tokio Inkarami Treatment

Hair damage is mainly caused by environmental effects and chemical services. All these harsh damages can cause changes on the physical structure of hair, which can lead to hair tangles, breakage, dull color, dryness and unruly hair. It can improve your hair quality so much, that it feels as if it was born yesterday. All you need is one session to feel the difference.

Express Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatment focuses on removing impurities and sebum from pores, giving deep cleansing to the oily and impure scalp.