Our Hair Perm Services

C-Curl Perm
C Curl Perm involves straightening the hair while the ends are curled inward or outward. This creates fresh, bouncy, and texturized hair, as well as a contouring effect on the jawline, making it suitable for many face types and shapes. To get the results you want faster, this hair treatment uses a top-of-the-line setting and digital perm machine which was directly imported from South Korea.
S-curl perm
S-Curl Perm
S Curl Perm produces tighter and more spread out curls that create natural wavy hair. It adds volumes to the hair, making it the ideal hair treatment for those who want easy-to-manage hair. Like c curl perm, this hair treatment uses a setting and digital perm machine from South Korea.
Volume Rebonding
Volume Rebonding
Volume rebonding adds volume to the top or ends of the hair. It looks more flattering and natural than straight rebonding and is highly recommended for those who want natural silky hair with a softer feminine look. The prices will vary according to the hair length.
Magic setting
Magic Setting
Magic Setting involves rebonding and setting perm. It smoothens the top of the hair and adds c curls at the ends. It is recommended for those with frizzy hair and those who want smooth curls and more volume.
Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that relaxes the hair and alters its structure. It straightens frizzy and curly hair and makes it sleek and shiny. If you are having problems with hard-to-manage curly hair, try out this hair treatment today at Leekaja Beauty Salon in Singapore to get smooth, silky straight hair.