After Hair Keratin Treatment Care

1. Buy gentle shampoos:

After a salon treatment, it’s important to choose your shampoos and conditioners wisely. Volume and moisture enhanced shampoos are essential for the longevity of the treatment which can protect the hair against environmental pollution. Similarly, there are different shampoos for different hair problems to choose from. In case someone has an oily or dry scalp, they can choose the shampoo accordingly.

2. Ignore frequent hair wash:

Frequent hair wash after a salon treatment can damage the hair and it shreds away the essential oil and protein from the hair. Try to wash the hair thrice in a week and regular oiling before hair wash is necessary to remove the dryness from the scalp.

3. Master your brushing method: Frequent hair wash after a salon treatment can damage the hair and For shiny, healthy and untangled hair, comb the hair twice a day after any hair treatment. But never comb the wet hair because it causes hair fall and can also make the treated hair look rough. Brushing from the roots damages the hair, always brush the hair from the length.

4. Massage the scalp:
Regular massage of scalp helps in hair thickness and regulates the blood circulation to the hair follicles which rejuvenate the hair roots. Remember, massaging is a slow process that takes to show the results but it is very helpful after taking any hair treatment to keep the scalp nourished which will prevent your hair from dryness.

5. Intake of proteins:

Hair follicles are made up of protein so it is important to consume the proteins for healthy hair. Lack of right nutrients like vitamin A, B, C D, and iron causes hair fall and results in dull and thin hair. After getting any hair treatment, try adding green vegetables, eggs, salad, and soybean in your daily meal to remove the deficiency of requiring vitamins which may help to stop the hair fall and promote hair growth.


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