3 Salon Hairstyle Ideas For Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is just around the corner  and a lot of people are already in a festive mood! It is the Year of the Ox for 2021, you better start looking for the perfect red or purple outfit because they will be lucky this year. And nothing beats a perfect hairstyle made by the best stylists in Orchard Central, Singapore to finish your Chinese New Year fashion! 

But wait! Choosing your Chinese New Year hairstyle might not be as easy as you think! According to superstitions, cutting or washing your hair on the first two days of Chinese New Year can bring you misfortune because you might be washing or cutting away your luck. That is why a haircut may not be such a great idea. 

Cutting your hair in celebration of the Chinese New year might not be your best option, but the good thing is Leekaja Beauty Salon can create head turning hairstyles for you even without a haircut! 

The Classic Side Braid 
Nothing will beat the classic! A side braid will automatically give you a simple, yet very sophisticated look that will compliment any outfit you wear. 

The Classic Side Braid

The Double Bun 
The Double bun serves as a traditional, yet very fun take for the Chinese New Year. This may be an easy hairstyle to pull-off but it could be a struggle to maintain its hold and form. Going to a hair salon can be a nice option because they have a special double bun technique that will make your hairstyle last the entire celebration. 

Hair Tip: 
You can instantly turn your bun hairstyle into a more sophisticated look by embellishing it with a scarf. With this technique, it is best that you visit a hair salon for the gorgeous results.

The Chignon
If you are planning to pull-off a fully elegant and sophisticated look for the Chinese New Year, a chignon hairstyle is perfect for you! Chignon hairstyles can be very complicated to do, especially by yourself. If you wanna pull off this look, it is highly recommended that you seek professional styling from hair experts at the salon.

The Chignon

The Chinese New Year is the celebration most awaited by everyone! Welcoming the new year with a stunning aura will attract more positive energy and fortune for the rest of the year.

We can help you achieve your glamorous look for the Chinese New Year. Leekaja Beauty Salon is known as the best Korean hair salon in Singapore that offers a variety of hair treatments and services for men and women. Visit us today to get free hair consultation!