Luxe Society - Immediately Transform Your Hair With Leekaja's Signature Cinderella Treatment

All it takes is 90 minutes to tame your unruly, frizzy hair into luscious, natural locks with
Leekaja’s Cinderella treatment. And if you’re lucky, you might even walk away with a free manicure courtesy of the in-house manicurist.

Also known as hair botox or keratin hair treatments in other salon, Korean salon Leekaja developed their own proprietary signature treatment with organic ingredients to moisturize and strengthen hair. Made with a solution of aloe vera and onion, the cream is applied to your hair and left to set for 10 minutes before being straightened to lock in the curls.

The end result is smooth, straight hair from the crown of my head, with slight curls towards the end. My hair looked tamer with the harsh dry ends all gone, and felt sleeker and – dare I say it – healthier when I ran my hands through it. Even after a few washes, my hair was still as neat, and require much more effort to style it other than a quick few brushes with a comb.