Buro 24/7 - Leekaja Miracle Aqua Treatment review: Can this cooling treatment restore dry, damaged locks to its former glory?


Therapeutic as a steaming hot soak might be, we're all too familiar with the detriments it bestows upon our complexion and tresses. That's dry, flaky skin prone to itching as well as frizzy locks — but what do we know of cold water, then? If we're looking at it as a matter of contrasts, it seems to signify that icy showers are the answer to a flawless mien and mane. As it turns out, we're far from the first to take this theory into consideration. Renowned Korean franchise, Leekaja Beauty Salon, has put this into effect via their Miracle Aqua Treatment; a procedure that utilises an ice cold straightener (as in, literally) to reform damaged, unruly strands.